News from Our Burlington and Toronto Plants

Here you will find an archive of all Metal Finishing Center news and press releases.

Active Metal Finishing helping in the battle against COVID-19
Oxygen Delivery Valve No part is too small in fighting the COVID-19 battle! Active Metal Finishing is proud to be playing a part in the finishing of oxygen delivery... Read more
Bristol Powdercoating Goes Big in a Big Way
Go big or go home pretty much sums up Bristol Powdercoat’s approach these days. The Burlington, Ontario, Canada, shop is growing its business by focusing on large parts that may not fit in... Read more
Active Metal Finishing Is One Of Top Finishing Shops In North America
CINCINNATI, Ohio ‑ Active Metal Finishing has been named one of the best finishing shops in North America, according to an industry benchmarking survey conducted by Products Finishing magazine, a... Read more
Active Metal Plating Introduces Their New Black Oxide Line in Toronto
Active Metal Plating of Toronto introduced their new Black Oxide line this Tuesday July 4th 2017 after celebrating Canada’s 150 years, and 65 years of plating (and more to come). We have set... Read more