Active Metal Plating Introduces Their New Black Oxide Line in Toronto

Active Metal Plating of Toronto introduced their new Black Oxide line this Tuesday July 4th 2017 after celebrating Canada’s 150 years, and 65 years of plating (and more to come).

We have set up this line, with competitive pricing and next day service, which serves Military Specification MIL-C-13924C Class 1.

Black Oxide is a conversion coating used to add corrosion resistance, minimize light reflection and enhance the appearance of materials such as steel, copper and most stainless steel. It can be used with oil or wax coatings to achieve maximum corrosion resistance. These treatments create strong, attractive black finishes and are achieved by using specific branded chemicals.

It has multiple applications in military, firearms, aerospace, and oil and gas industries among others.

  • Minimal buildup—no dimensional changes
  • Dark black color
  • Improved lubricity and anti-galling characteristics
  • Does not affect weldability
  • No hydrogen embrittlement
  • MIL-C-13924C Class 1

Black Oxide Toronto